How to Clean Outdoor Garden Furniture Naturally

First things first. Don’t blast your wooden furniture with a pressure washer! 

Pressure washers might seem like a quick and easy solution to returning your wooden garden furniture to its former glory but some jets can be too aggressive. This opens up the grain of the wood which allows spores to settle in a nice protected environment.  Clean dry wood with a closed grain is not a pleasant place for algae and mildew to grow.  Use sodium percarbonate to lift the algae and dirt from the grain.

Environmentally safe, sodium percarbonate is a good  way to clean your garden furniture and minimise the chances of the algae and  mildew returning.

All you need is a simple hand sprayer and a small packet of Sodium Percarbonate.

It sounds like a nasty chemical but it’s not.  When mixed with water, sodium percarbonate produces oxygen and lots of it! The oxygen breaks down organic matter and lifts the dirt and organic stains from the wood. It has no effect on surrounding plants or grass, so there is no need to worry if it runs onto your lawn.

How to Care for your Clean Garden Furniture.

Over the years, wood looses it’s natural oils. Replacing these natural oils helps to protect the wood for years to come. Wait until the wood is dry, then coat all the surfaces with a wooden garden furniture oil, applying the oil with a clean new paint brush.

How to Clean Garden Furniture Naturally

  1. Brush

    Brush any lose debris like leaves and cobwebs from the wooden garden furniture.

  2. Mix

    Mix 2oz of sodium percarbonate with 2 pints of warm water in the sprayer.

  3. Spray

    Simply spray all the surfaces. Leave for 15-20 minutes.

  4. Rinse

    Use a medium hand brush to remove any stubborn dirt. Rinse with fresh water

  5. Seal

    Leave to dry. The furniture will continue to brighten over the following days.
    Seal with furniture oil

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